Sunday 7 June 2015

4+ weeks later...

A lot of people take life for granted, including me. Not always though.

To some people, driving a car is nothing amazing but it’s very different for me. It’s a luxury and good investment for me. Also it’s a miracle for me. It means more freedom and independence.

Why? Because I never thought I would be allowed to drive. Some of you know I’ve got a rare condition, K.I.D Syndrome, which mainly affect my skin, eyes and hearing.

Before you smart arses say anything, I’ve had my eyes checked before I had the go-ahead to learn to drive. I go for eyes review appointments very often, as it’s a requirement due to K.I.D Syndrome.

With my rare condition, I could go blind or have limited sight. So maybe you all won’t be surprised why I MUST makes the most of my life. Including going on random wee drives to enjoy the views. Or jump in my car for no reasons. Volunteer to be designated driver on night outs. Happy to give lifts, especially to people who have given me lifts many times before I passed my driving test.

It has been a real learning curve since I passed my driving test as I was getting used to a new car and I was used to my instructor’s car. Learning about my car’s vibrations & sounds, getting to know what was good and bad. Learning about how to look after my car, topping up windscreen fluids etc. Still haven’t clean & hoover my car since I got Snowy! Haha

Sure people say having a car would be like your best friend. It’s very true in my case. It has been a lifesaver for me. Getting around is easier now; I don’t have to rush getting two or more buses/trains for work!

But for me, it has changed my life. Why? Because some of you know I have mobility issues, thanks to osteoarthritis. Basically because of that and K.I.D Syndrome I’m in pain 24/7 I don’t complain about that because I am very lucky so far. I’m still alive and walking. I still can see the world. I’m not in hospital with deadly skin infections at the moment. I can hear with the help of hearing aid and enjoy music. I also can enjoy music through vibrations, whoo!!

The point is that there are always people who are worse off than us. I always remember that on my bad days.

I’m sure a lot of people know I LOVE travelling so I’ve seen quite few things that made me sad. Seen poor but happy people with their simple things. Every time I come home from my trips, I always feel lost because I am so rich compared to some people in the world. I mean rich as in having a home, family, friends and love and many more.

So Snowy is my best friend and I’m much happier now I can get to my medical appointments easily, especially in winter. So bring on winter, I’m ready for you!!

I normally have a nap every few days so I can survive my busy life working and helping people no matter how much pain I am in. But now I don’t have much naps as before as getting around is much easier now I have Snowy. It takes too much energy to get around when I am in more pain than usual because buses and trains don’t stop directly at places I want to go to. I usually have to walk to train stations or bus stops. Also walking around in rainy & windy weather use up more energy, well for me. So I hope people appreciate why Snowy is my miracle. My baby & my best friend! 

People can feck off if they get sick of me going on about Snowy, they can’t understand it really. Don’t understand why my face light up when Snowy is mentioned. They never have walked in my shoes.

Thank you for putting up with my Facebook statues about Snowy & staying patient with me when I stall in my car. Also thank you for reading – I do like to talk rubbish or rant a bit. 

Bye for now

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