Monday, 12 January 2015

2014, a big year!

I can say 2014 is one of unforgettable years!

2014 was both good and bad year but to be honest, it was a big year for me too. All these few simple things that have happened but built up to be a big year for me. So when I look back on 2014 I still can't believe what has had happened.

In January, I made one of my dreams to come true and that was going to Thailand! I knew going to Thailand would be a challenge as the country is so different from other countries I've been to. Different language and culture but I loved every minute of it! The flights were so long but nothing compared to Australia and New Zealand flights! The heat were mad but most of the time I coped, thankfully!

Whilst in Thailand, I got my belly pierced! I did want it done but at that time I was slightly tipsy and had it done before 12am haha! Life is too short, I find myself up for anything when on my travels, more than I do when I am home! I like to be out of comfort zone when on my travels. It's fun!

Due to me having a rare skin condition I've always thought I couldn't have tattoos. I even asked many specialists about possible tattoos and they all advised me to not to have tattoos. Of course, typical of me I didn't listen to them. I went ahead and got once more in February. I'm pleased to say nothing has happened to my tattoos. Now I've got 3 tattoos in total - want more but I'm saving up for a lot of things at the moment, boring I know! :)

In March, I got my ears pierced! Not normal lobe ones but triple forward helix piercings! It was quite sore for me as my ear is very sensitive and I knew it would take a while to heal. It did take a long time to heal as I keep getting my curls caught in my piercings which wasn't so fun! In the end I had to go back to change the bars to rings and let it heal for a bit before changing back to bars. Now I still have the bars in my ear all healed which I thought would never happen :) Happy days!

In May, I had my eyebrows done because I have alopecia. Getting it done was a bit sore but then I soon got used to it. And soon after getting it done I had a top up and enjoyed the rest of the year having a side fringe instead of a full fridge to hide my eyebrows or the lack of my eyebrows :)

In June, I started studying for my driving theory test after finding out in 2013 that I was allowed to drive, happy days! I didn't like the fact that I had to wait 5 weeks for my theory test. The waiting times are so silly. I went online to book the test but was horrified to find the times were rubbish so I had to wait even longer and finally booked my test for 31st July. Glad to say I've passed it first time around and started looking for driving instructors so I could start driving lessons in late 2014 after my travels.

I went to Australia in 2013 and loved it so much that I told myself that I would return there again one day. I did in September 2014 but went to Melbourne and stayed there for a week. I loved it there, I sure did make the most of my stay there which included meeting a friend and went on Neighbours tour and many more. I loved my stay in Melbourne, I am hoping to return there again one day.

After Melbourne, I went to New Zealand and travelled all over North & South Island with Kiwi Experience. I am glad I've experienced NZ, it is truly beautiful! Met so many awesome people. Took part in the Nevis Swing in Queenstown, the biggest swing in the world! By now, you should know I love extreme sports!

After recovering from New Zealand (Jet lag!) I contacted few driving instructors and started my driving lessons in November. I had two driving instructors because the first one didn't really work out so I got in touch with second driving instructor. Met up to discuss communication needs and more. Got on with him so the lessons were booked. Since then I never looked back and carried on with him. Confident with driving and look forward to having a wee car to do errands and maybe go on lovely peaceful drives! Looking forward to the day when I book my driving test and getting a car! :)

Many plans for 2015 and 2016, hope it will be good for all of my family, friends and me! :)

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