Thursday, 21 May 2015

Learning to drive: driving tests & Snowy

Kelly Gorman, Northern Ireland, profoundly deaf since birth and sign language user

I had a driving lesson just before my driving test to warm up but still got nervous! I didn't know what to expect when it was time to arrive at the test centre after what happened on my first driving test! Major communication breakdown on my first driving test.

After being stressed for a while I told myself that I didn't care if I fail my driving test again so I didn't apply so much pressure on me. I still ended up being nervous not knowing who I would get for my driving test. Thankfully my examiner was so lovely and I understood him.

It was clear that I was nervous but my nerves soon disappeared when I started driving and could understand my examiner at the same time. The examiner could tell I was nervous I'm sure! I could tell by his facial expression and body language :) 

Ended up stalling at the traffic lights with cars waiting behind me, I thought SHIT!!! But I stayed calm during stalling so I started again and checked the mirrors etc trying my best not to get frustrated at myself. That was hard haha. My test was at 3.50pm so I expected a bit of traffic. Traffic = a lot of stupid impatient jerks but thankfully it wasn't so bad yeooo!

Admittedly baby tears were running down on my face when I realised I did actually passed. I gave the examiner 'Are you serious?' look. About 5 minutes later, when the examiner was doing the paperwork, I realised baby tears were running and I couldn't stop. I thought 'FUCK' I wasn't going to do this but I couldn't help myself. I was SOOOOO relieved to have passed and never have to do driving lessons & tests ever again. No more stress. It was OVER! How embarrassing!

Now I absolutely LOVE driving my car Snowy. I did feel weird and nervous driving on my own for the first time after passing my test. My confidence soon increased day by day and went on the motorway 3 days after passing my test for NDCS event.

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