Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What do art mean to me?

Art means expressing myself creatively in 1000 ways. 
It give me self-esteem and self-confidence. 
It shows who I am.

One of the ways I use art, I show it through my nails - I love having my nails done -  often want to use art to express what my mood is on a certain day or basically tell everyone who I am. Maybe I'll have french done, usually people say I am posh. Perhaps I fancied having french done just cos I want to have lovely nails but wasn't in any certain moods for nail art :)

Often people have mentioned that I wear very colourful clothes. People who know me well know I can be a positive person, so I like to wear colourful clothes as much as possible. Wearing black all the time is very depressing, if I had to wear black all the time, I would be lost and no one would ever know who I am! Wearing dark clothes all the time would naturally make me down. Isn't that interesting? ;)

I love photography! Especially of me..... perhaps I pull a certain pose for a certain reason. There's always a story behind each photo. I believe that. Perhaps I'll put up a photo of me just smiling. In the future I can look back on the photos and think what I did feel that day. The more photos of me being happy and having fun the more I get happy knowing I had a great life no matter what life threw at me.

Maybe one day I'll have a bad day with my skin or hair, I'll hide in my hoodie or dark clothes. It don't mean I am a negative person, I naturally have bad days like other people. Shoot me if on a rare day I speak like a negative person. I am not always confident.

There are a lot of ways I use art to show who are the real me. Just think about what I've always said: There's always reasons for everything I do.

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