Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What do art mean to me?

Art means expressing myself creatively in 1000 ways. 
It give me self-esteem and self-confidence. 
It shows who I am.

One of the ways I use art, I show it through my nails - I love having my nails done -  often want to use art to express what my mood is on a certain day or basically tell everyone who I am. Maybe I'll have french done, usually people say I am posh. Perhaps I fancied having french done just cos I want to have lovely nails but wasn't in any certain moods for nail art :)

Often people have mentioned that I wear very colourful clothes. People who know me well know I can be a positive person, so I like to wear colourful clothes as much as possible. Wearing black all the time is very depressing, if I had to wear black all the time, I would be lost and no one would ever know who I am! Wearing dark clothes all the time would naturally make me down. Isn't that interesting? ;)

I love photography! Especially of me..... perhaps I pull a certain pose for a certain reason. There's always a story behind each photo. I believe that. Perhaps I'll put up a photo of me just smiling. In the future I can look back on the photos and think what I did feel that day. The more photos of me being happy and having fun the more I get happy knowing I had a great life no matter what life threw at me.

Maybe one day I'll have a bad day with my skin or hair, I'll hide in my hoodie or dark clothes. It don't mean I am a negative person, I naturally have bad days like other people. Shoot me if on a rare day I speak like a negative person. I am not always confident.

There are a lot of ways I use art to show who are the real me. Just think about what I've always said: There's always reasons for everything I do.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Insight of who I am....


Understandbly, children stare just cos they are curious but MAN some adults can be so rude! Do they not know staring is rude. It's fine if they take a quick look and judge, I would maybe do the same. But come on! It's still rude!
On a bad day, I just want to SCREAM from the top of my voice that YEAH I'm different, and I've got Keratitis Ichthyosis Deafness (KID) syndrome, which is a rare, genetic, multi-system disorder.  This disorder may define who I am and it would explain why I appear different from them! ...compared to those who've got the 'perfect' skin, can hear, and see properly.  I am a person that show those people to appreciate what they have.  But most day I ponder to myself, why should I explain myself to them, but I do occassional, to answer their question and for them to realise what it is before they judge.  
But me, I am just me, I go through hard time, and still not let this condition be a barrier in doing what I want in life.  I work.  I live independently.  And I even went sky diving!! ME!???? Yes ME!
What I have been through to deal with my conditions, that nothing compare to people's staring, that's bad enough.

I am a very artistic person, I use art in different ways to express myself and who I am, not just the girl whom has health issues.  I want to be the person, that is remembered for her amazing battle with this condition, and push all barriers away.  And yet still go out of my way to help those closest to me and those in need of help.  I don't want to be the person that relies on others for help, but I will still help others in any way I can.  That's how amazing I am! Heehee