Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What are thrills?

First post of 2012!! What a month already! Illnesses, work, travelling and keeping fit! And there are 11 more months of this till 2013.... Whoop! 2012 is going to be a good year, great plans!

What are thrills? A sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure: "the thrill of jumping out of an airplane".
Copied it off of course :)

I had my major thrill last year, 2011 by going sky diving to raise money for an amazing charity NDCS. I loved every second of it and would love a wee time machine so I can relieve every second of the best day in 2011! Since then, I've swore to myself that I will do a sky dive again for myself, and will gladly do it whenever friends & family want to try a sky dive and want me to go with them. 
Hell I will always say yes if the date is right! :D
Defo hooked! Freedom in the air! Pure WOW!

Well, for 2012 I told myself I won't do any major thrills to raise money as I didn't know what could beat sky diving!! TILL I got a letter off NDCS and a wee thank you note, again, to thank me for my sky dive in 2011. The challenges events lists was included with the letter! I thought to myself 'Oh no' I knew I had to have a wee look at the list and knew straight away that I wanted to do the challenge again, but a different one. Since then I couldn't switch my mind off!! I kept thinking should I do it or not etc. Plenty of questions flying around in my mind and I knew what to do which was to get them questions answered!

Plenty of great challenges but I knew if I want to sign up then it had to be something I could enjoy! I cycle in my local area for wee errands etc and I rather cycle than walk!! So I kept looking at cycle challenges, I would love to do all the the cycle challenges but I would never see 2013 if I did all of the cycle challenges!!

So I had to pick my top three cycle challenges: 1. Cycle to Paris from London, that would be fab but not ready for that! Too long 2. Nightrider in London which would be about 60 miles but the date didn't suit me!! 3. 100 miles in Oxford but tough hilly challenge!! And yet I couldn't stop thinking about that one! I must be really mad! So if I was to go for any cycle challenges it would be the 100 miles!

Knowing I am never 100% healthy or fit 365 days!! I was wary but determined to try my best and see if I could try for it. But didn't want to commit yet till I thought I was ready. So went to my gym and spoke to someone about getting a personal trainer.... 1st session start next week!! Eeeekkk

If the sessions go well then possibly by Feb or March I might sign up then start training properly for the 100 miles challenge! Eeeekk so who know what could happen next month etc! Not getting my hopes up but I will be happy knowing I've tried my best and took steps in getting info and preparing as if I've signed up.

It would be amazing if I did sign up and completed scary 100 miles by bike!! But if it happens then other major thrill never to be forgotten

 Funnily enough, before the sky dive, everyone thought it was brave of me to sign up for the sky dive and that it was scary thing! I was far chilled out even though it was me who did the sky dive not everyone else. But funnily enough I think if I do this 100 miles challenge then I would be scared! Knowing I would have to get my butt off my bed and train hard for it not knowing if I could complete the 100 miles challenges! OMG!

For you all, if I do this 100 miles challenge this year then what next for 2013?! Watch out! ;)

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