Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Well, what a February so far!

Well, what can I say?? I love this month so far!I know March is going to be amazing too :)
New hairo
New challenges
Been through all kinds of emoticons
Great weekends with NDCS and friends
Loving my sessions with my personal trainer 
Bundles of energy after feeling rubbish in winter months

Speaking of the sessions, I still have not signed up to do the bike challenge, it's scary as I am not 100% fit yet. I still struggle to ride uphill and get out of the breath when I ride fast on a windy day! If I ever sign up to do the bike challenge, who know what the weather will be like on the day! Scary! :) I admire people who cycle daily and do it for sport! My ass has been hurting more, since I increased the amount of cycling! I really do appreciate relaxing hot baths!!

What I have learnt lately.... I now realise who are inspirational people, had a bit of free time of thinking lately and it's amazing.... and for me to enjoy my life more, I have to overcome my fears and find out why I have these fears. And take up more challenges to break the barriers in my life. At the end, it should be worth it? I hope so :)

 Since life had decided to keep throwing challenges in my life, I def learnt more about people around me, about me even, and my life. So bring them on.

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