Sunday, 3 February 2013


So many dreams, plans and goals!
I plan to achieve most of them no matter what life throws at me
My dreams include sky diving, and travelling

Sky Diving 2011
NDCS Sept 11
3 tongue piercings in Aug & Sept 2009
Became a youth worker in Jan 2010
Sky Dived for 'NDCS' in Sept 2011
Bungee Jumped for 'Cash for Kids' in July 2012
Travel to Australia in Oct 2013

Cash for Kids July 12
Every year it's a roller coaster but at least I can look back knowing 
I had an unforgettable event! 

Now I have something major planned for this year which is travelling to Australia but 
what about the year of 2014?! ;) 
Will I do crazy fundraising activities this year?! Who know?! ;)
Wanted to abseil down Europa Hotel last Sept for 'Cash for Kids' but 
unfortunately I wasn't free but one day! :)

Nothing will stop me!
No-one will stop me!

It might take longer to achieve my dreams, due to my health issues but heck it just make me more determined to achieve them. I can look back on my life knowing I tried to make the most of my life. I became more happier than ever knowing that I am the most strong-willed person who would do anything to have a fabulous life

I do have bad days with my health but I rather have more good than bad days
So I try to make the most of my life, as much as possible as I can :)
I always felt like I have a limited life due to health issues so I try to achieve
most of my dreams in few years before things happen in the future 
it may make my life more harder or not. Who know :)

Less than 36 weeks to go till I land in Sydney &
 have amazing experiences!

Make your dreams happen, if barriers come up break them! 
Or find a way around them! :) 

Sydney Oct 13

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