Saturday, 2 February 2013


2012, what a year it has been!

Every year I look back on the previous year and tell myself that 
the next year will be better.

Get stronger every year.

it's always a roller coaster but I accept that, I gotta learn new things. 
Sometime you need to hit rock bottom before you gets stronger and wiser.

There has been some bad and good times in 2012.

Good times:
Bridesmaid for the 3rd times
Finding out my bestie has became pregnant with a princess
A lot of travelling to UK for both work & pleasure reasons
More determinations and realising what I want to do in 2013
Became a volunteer for 'Cash for Kids & what a great decision 
Bungee Jumped for 'Cash for Kids' - more achievements & dreams
Became more of fitness freak when I learnt it benefit my health
Made new friends
Got closer with certain family members
Organising my bestie' hen party
Signing with my gorgeous godson

Bad times:
Lots of dickheads and bitches wasting my times
Learnt who were my real friends
Loads of backstabbers - two-faced people!
Leaving my youth worker job
Way too many protests and riots for my liking
Having friends letting me down
Lost certain family members

The year 2013 will be good and bad just like other years but I will never say I had really bad years cos whatever had happened made me who I am.


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