Sunday, 13 January 2013



This post is not to offend people at all, it's based on my views & personal experiences only.
Each person is different.
Each person has different views.
I accept that, of course.
Life would be boring if everyone were the same.

Just because I am deaf, it don't mean I have to be involved in 'deaf world' 100%.
Both worlds are fine.
Will always be involved with 'deaf world' through charity work, of course and seeing my friends.

Someone has told me that I am not proper 'deaf,' I assume the person meant I am not proper involved in 'deaf world', use right BSL and have knowledge about deaf culture. 
To me, deafness means loss of hearing.

When I meet new deaf people, I always get asked am I deaf or hearing?
Get asked about my name later on after a lots of questions.
Why is that?
Do it matter if I am deaf or not?

Yet, when I meet new hearing people, I get asked my name first and no so personal questions, they come later on when they get to know me. That is based on my personal experience.

D/d why do it exist? It still exist even though some people say it don't.
It does cos I've been told that I am not like some deafies, as I am a sign language user I should use proper BSL but I don't, I prefer to use SSE. 
Even though some people won't admit it but they do talk about it.
There's no point labelling people D/d. It's sad really.

Since I have not been involved with 'deaf world' much over the summer 2012, some people have talked about me behind my back.
I am fine with that, it is better to know the truth and move on.

I was busy in summer 2012, and till Christmas 2012, I was busy improving my life going on trainings and volunteering for a charity 'Cash for Kids'. Yes, no deaf volunteers but I love working with hearing people as it give me challenges. People, who know me well, knows I love challenges and hard work.

2012 has been a big year for me which I will talk about in my next post soon but I don't think I should be sorry for not getting involved in 'deaf world' much and missing certain events in 2012. 
I believe it was the best decisions to miss them.

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