Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Body Size


Wow, simple words can hurt!

Labels, labels, labels!
Is it jealously?
If they call me skinny, I laugh and I know it is cos they are jealous of me.

As I am tall, I look very slim but get called skinny.

I ain't going to gain weight for them, I do it for ME! Only for ME!

What is the point for them calling me or others skinny?

I doubt it they would go up to overweight people and call them fat! 
Yet they find it easy to comment on my figure and say I am far too skinny.
What The Fuck
They have nothing to do with my size and weight.

I have check ups with my doctor, check my weight & blood pressure etc 
and normally my doctor is happy with me. 

I have a BIG secret, I am a size 10 not a size 4/6/8 what a shocker! 
I am enjoying being a size 10, why? It's better than being a size 4/6/8. 
Size 10 or above is fine for my height, thank you very much.

Being called skinny all my life, I am used to it and laugh it off. 
BUT I still get amazed when strangers have the courage to comment on my 'skinny' figure!
Absolutely hilarious!

They don't know the real me and will never since I don't accept people, 
who judge me straight away. 

Sure I go to gym, but never for to lose weight and get too 'skinny'
I am going to gym for various reasons, which I don't need to explain to everyone all the time.
There's a reason for everything I do, always!

Not skinny!


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