Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Last year I posted this on my facebook and wow I sure got some replies, good ones!
'Due to some ass commenting, I am tired of catching some weird looks from people and saying stupid things. Some of you know this, some don't.... I've got Keratitis Ichthyosis Deafness (KID) syndrome, it is a rare, genetic, multi-system disorder. One of the symptom is Alopeica. An autoimmune disease involving loss of all/some hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. There is no known cause or cure. I have had this since birth. It has affected me in so many ways (Anxiety, depression, panic, etc.) I am Kelly, and I am proud of who I am. I never lied about who I am. I still can dye, straight & curl my wigs just like everyone, even can have it done for different colours & styles just like you all. Thanks for reading this & deal with it. ♥ '
 I am a member of some Alopeica website. Often see people posting on the forums worrying about love and relationships. And how their possible other half's might react to their alopeica.
Worrying about how to tell them about alopeica or whether they will leave them due to their alopeica etc. When should we tell them, at the start of dates or later on? 
How small things can worry us so much! 

When I was young, some people would ask me if I was wearing a wig, most of the time I would say no, cos to me it's MY hair. I didn't feel I was lying. But now I am older I would tell the truth, I would also smile and tell them that I can do anything with my hair though to stop them telling me they are sorry. 
Now I am thinking, was I ashamed about my alopeicia back then?

Having my hair makes me feel feminine.
But I do like being at home without my hair, I wear my hat when it's cold inside. I won't go bald in front of my friends or dates though, just close family. I learnt how to jump up fast and get my hair on when the doorbell go! It's one of my talents :) 

I also sleep without it cos it's easier and feel free but I sleep with it on when I have people sleeping over and it's the other way around too. Why? Maybe I feel I might freak people out? Maybe I don't feel womanly?

Admittedly I wouldn't call my wig a wig cos it's hair to me, my hair! Some days I think why should we call it wigs, cos it is hair to us just like other people who have their own real hair. If my wig is made of real human hair then I call it my hair.

There's a lot of different types of alopeica. 

Some people have no hair, some people have patchy hair, some people have hair but often lose it then grow back etc. To people outside, it look like I have no hair at all but I do. A mixture of cute little blonde hairs and few dark ones. I can see them cos I see my naked body daily and check them out closely under the light to see if I've grown any more. 

Funnily enough I sometime freak when I see hairs on my arms etc - thankfully no one notice as it's light blonde phew - or anywhere else cos I am not used to it! I prefer to be smooth all over - good comments off men! :)

 But I do want eyebrows!  Sure, it would be amazing to have my own hair cos I have to wait every year to get more hairs added on my wig it's annoying to have to wait yearly. I also can't grow longer hair when my wig have to be cut, thanks dead ends!! Plus every now and then more hairs from my wig fall out and I can't grow them back instead I have to wait yearly, that's one of things I hate about having alopeicia. 

Good thing about having alopeicia is that I can take it off when it's hot!! Heehee
And I don't have to 'shave' or 'wax' etc.
A bliss!!
No worrying about hairy legs when having dates over!
No worrying about having cuts off the razor!
Feeling smooth! :)
Kelly Gorman - 28th July 12 aged 24

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