Friday, 10 May 2013

My future....

So many questions, ideas and plans going around in my head
Going crazy

Always feeling like there's limits in my life
Never able to plan ahead
Very annoying!

At same time, I feel like I can carry on with my life
Thinking no one can stop me
Break down barriers

But it's not always easy!

Having to be sensible & realistic 
At same time, I'm spontaneous
Living life to full!

Not knowing what will happen in the future, for sure
Can be hard to plan
Have back up plans ready

Everything that happened made me who I am

Wanting to train as personal trainer
My osteoarthritis, could be worse in the future
Not wanting to waste my money
Wasting people's energy teaching fitness to me

Want to inspire people to get into fitness
Benefits can be great!
Raising awareness that people with health issues can train safely

Need amputation in the future if I can't handle the pain
The limits, it might get worse and harder

I am not the person who would sit around all the time
Rather be active as much as I can
Mind's always active
Full of ideas and plans

Going for my dreams
Making my dreams happen

For the first time in ages, I've not been thinking about the amputation constantly 
Yes, I do think about it now and then but not 24/7
Finally I can focus about the rest of this year without thinking about it 24/7

I just hope for the best, that my mental health won't suffer no matter what decisions I make regrading my osteoarthritis

For now, I am focusing on letting right people into my life, enjoying my travels and making right decisions for my future. 

Every time I make plans it almost never happen so I'm going with the flow, see what else life throws at me. If plan A don't work or happen then plan B, again if it don't work or happen then plan C, and so on.

But I do know that my life will never be boring no matter what happens in my life

Final Note: Life is too short, make the most of it!

Kelly Gorman - 28th July 12 aged 24........ 1st March 13 aged 25

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