Friday, 16 August 2013

My Mask

I always have thought of my face as a mask, a red one.

When I put my hair up, the sides of my face are a different colour from the front of my face.
'Normal skin'

Summer time or when it's warm my skin are usually amazing.
Less lotion used.
Less pain.
Less redness.

I always dread it when summer time come around early cos it usually mean winter time will come around early and last longer. Winter time is terrible on my skin but it has already started even thought it is not officially winter time. It's very harsh on my face, always use a lot of lotion and normally it don't help. I still end up with red & painful face. I cycle a lots and the wind is harsh on my face too.

Heat waves should happen very often, either that or move to a warm country all year around!

I am looking forward to go to Australia in October where it is summer time over there but will be winter time in my home town. Please let my skin behave when in Australia!
My skin behaved when I was in NYC - got tanned but of course my face was red :)

When I wear less clothes, people are always amazed at my body because they assume my body will be like my face. My body is quite good compared to my face. I tan easily but my face will stay red and get sore now and then unlike the rest of my body.

Do people fancy someone based on their looks? 
Many say no, just to be polite.
But the reactions I get say they are lying.
Seeing they get surprised and says my body are good and tanned
Don't assume just cos my face look different to yours, I am boring or whatever ;)
Thankfully not 100% of people are dickheads

How do I feel when people react to my body?
Weirded out?
How dare they assume my body will be like my face

Do I have to strip off daily so people know my body is fine?
So I can change their opinions?
So I can change their views?
So I can help to increase their self -confidence?
Because apparently I'm confident

You all should see me on my bad days! Heehee

I would wear less clothes to show off my body but only time I do that is when I am in gym and when it's warm! I ain't stripping off when it's freezing as it can be sore and make my skin very dry.
Not good looking when severely dry!

See I can joke about my rare condition heehee

Mini Rant Over

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  1. Hello :)
    I also feel that my body looks different to my face and people think my body is "better" when in fact it's more sore than my face.
    I'd love to meet you while you're in Australia :)