Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013, a big year!

I can say 2013 is one of unforgettable years!

2013 was both good and bad year but to be honest, it was a big year for me too. All these few simple things that have happened but built up to be a big year for me. So when I look back on 2013 I still can't believe what has had happened.

Sad thing, is that few deaths has had happened but that is life. No one like bad things happening in their lives but it do. It's reality, sadly. It has been a hard year but we all have to plaster a fake smile on till we smile for the real and carry on with our lives. And too many hospital appointments, feeling so old at the age of 26 years old due to my conditions. Reacting to the drip for pain relief when in hospital and realising that I won't have great painkillers that actually work for a while. Trying out new painkillers and it can be pain in the ass suffering from side effects.

Early March, wee Marley or 'Marley Moo' was born but we didn't know it until April my brother and I decided to buy our mum a wee Shih Tzu puppy, Marley, and found him online. Of course we drove miles, and miles to have a look at Shih Tzu puppies and picked one out. Named him Marley. He was 7 weeks old but now a cheeky 10 months old puppy who love cuddles! He brings many happiness to our lives but also bring a lots of laughs which are needed.

Can't forget me having an interview with Sue Ramsey MLA in April. It was held in Storment, Belfast. I am proud about it because I knew it was useful to raise awareness about the importance of deaf awareness.

In late May till early June, I made one of my dream trips happen and flew to New York. Many goosebumps and unforgettable moments during my New York trip. I ate delicious pizza and got lost many times when taking subways. Not coping with the heatwave in May! Bought lovely colourful clothes and unique presents for family. I then knew I HAD to explore the rest of the world.

Being crazy daredevil, I wanted to do more for charities and if doing crazy things meant raising more monies for charities then I'll do it. So having done a bungee jump for 'Cash for Kids' in 2012 I decided to do an abseil for them again, in July. I'm pleased to have done it and raised monies for them.

Due to me having a rare skin condition I've always thought I couldn't have tattoos. I even asked many specialists about possible tattoos and they all advised me to not to have tattoos. Of course, typical of me I didn't listen to them. I went ahead and got one tattoo in August before my birthday and another one in November when I got back from Australia. I'm pleased to say nothing has happened to my tattoos. It's a shock really, but the problem is that now I am addicted to tattoos!

In September, I took a course in Prepare to Teach level 3 it was a big moment in my life because it got me thinking about a possible fitness career if my health is still okay in the future and the course is useful for me to teach people about fitness if it got that far. I then got excited imagining my future but was careful not to get my hopes up. I then realised I was thinking about my future because for years and years I couldn't plan ahead due to me being in hospital and knowing things will always stop me from achieve my plans.

In October, I made one of my major dreams to come true and that was going to Australia! The flights were so long and sometime the heat were unbearable but man, I will always be grateful for being able to go to Australia. I actually thought it couldn't happen but then started to realised in the last few years that it was possible as I refused to have more operations and could start living my life if I didn't have any more operations for a while. It ended up being a great month, I could cry with happiness that I had a great time and actually have been to Australia. I made few more dreams come true when I was in Australia. It was just few simple small dreams but I made them happen. One of them was to pat a kangaroo! 

Other moments I can't forget are being able to use a hearing aid and actually hear music! Buying ear link specially for my hearing aid so I could listen to music on my iPhone just like other people. And being told that I can go ahead and learn to drive. That was a huge thing for me seeing I've got a rare condition that affects my eyes and was told I am not allowed to drive for years and years then suddenly at the age of 26 years old I got told I am allowed now as my eyes are good at the moment. I don't want to learn to drive now seeing I rather spend my money on travels but hoping my eyes will behave in the future for me to be able to still learn to drive!

Many plans for 2014 and 2015, hope it will be good for all of my family, friends and me! :)

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