Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The start of a new year...

So, 2014 is here and it's already February. Slow down!! :) 
It's true what they say, time flies so fast when you are having so much fun!

As usual, there's good and bad things in my life. 

I was slowly getting on with my life after the death of my beautiful strong Granny Gorman back in October 13 when I was in Australia. After I got told about her death, when I got home, I found it so hard to carry on with my life after that. I felt so guilty about being so happy and having fun in Australia as I was posting a lot of photos on my Facebook and updated my statues daily about my experiences. No one said anything on Facebook or contacted me because they wanted me to have fun as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. A part of me understood why but I still wanted to know. I felt bad about not saying goodbye as I missed her funeral so I hope she understood. Love her so much and I will never forget our trips to Blackpool, the highlight of my childhood.

So, in late November & early December I started booking for my another dream trip to Thailand.

Planned a surprise meal and party for my mum's 50th in January, with a lot of help! A great night!

Flew to Thailand in middle of January after my mum's 50th birthday and kept checking in with my mum to see if everything were okay. Despite that, I had a great time and gained many awesome experiences I will never have in UK - more details coming up in my travel blog.

But during my trip, there were a lot of long travelling - worth it! During the long travelling my friends had music & books. Watching them listening to music on long journeys has made me sad because I've missed listening to music using my hearing aid and iPhone. Been unable to hear out of my hearing aid since Christmas Eve. Few appointments coming up about my hearing aid. Oh how much my life has changed, I used to be happier with just feeling the beats of music but not now, I NEED to be able to hear and feel the music!

Brilliant 3 weeks in Thailand but wasn't happy about coming home. I never do when I go travelling! But my body was knackered and wanted to come home. One day in the last week I woke up unable to walk. I was horrified and didn't know why. Walking was so painful, so I decided to stay longer at the resort in Koh Phangan to rest. It didn't really help, I was so mad because I wanted to travel more. I then flew to Bangkok few days before my flights to home. That night, I went out for dinner and drinks with friends. It got more painful to carry on I was sad as I wanted to enjoy partying before going home. 

The next morning I rested a lots before going out for food and markets in the afternoon.

By the time I arrived at Bangkok airport I was struggling to walk, staff there arranged wheelchairs for me and picked good seats for me. I was happy about that!! 

This blogger is addicted to tattoos and piercings so I got my belly button pierced whilst in Thailand and got another tattoo after Thailand!

Now it's 12th February I am home and resting my foot. It's killing me because I want to get back to work, gym and doing my usual things! I will never regret anything I've done though :)

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